Chipping machines for commercial farms

Gandini Meccanica, a leading company in the production of chipping machines, produces models able to meet the needs of commercial farms. The need for chipping machines by commercial farms has become even more important with changes in waste disposal methods. In recent years, in fact, wood waste and pruning residue from commercial farms have not been considered as waste material but as material useful to the business.

Today wood waste obtained from rural workmanship has become a source of income for the commercial farmer. Thanks to the boom in renewable energy, even small farms have the opportunity to benefit from scrap wood. From this timber, it is possible to obtain chips, a product in great demand in the market, well paid for, used by paper and particle board companies, but also by plants producing renewable energy as fuel. Producing chips today is thus highly profitable and a good opportunity for supplementing revenue from farming, which often generates all the raw material needed to activate this supply chain.

Chipping also combines well with the work of commercial farms because it is done in winter, when most farm activities are at a standstill. At this time of the year, having a chipper or a shredder (from which compost can also be obtained using twigs, mowing residue and raw wood), can be very useful because the farm can work with third parties for example in the poplar cultivation sector, in the municipal sector (offering the use of its equipment to municipalities that perform centralised collection) or the private sector (providing an alternative disposal method to nurserymen and maintenance workers of public parks).

The partnership with commercial farms has always been based on trust and a direct relationship. For this reason, from the first contact with these companies, our sales agents establish a relationship based on trust with the customer. The potential customer usually visits the Gandini Meccanica headquarters to witness the production of chipping machines themselves.

Gandini Meccanica, in addition to producing chippers, offers a series of bioshredders which are also ideal for commercial farms. There are two chipping machines which can also be called choppers, better suited for use in commercial farms: the shredder models with hammers or bioshredder - the Biomatich line and the chipping machine Chipperline.

The machines in the Chipper product range are disc chippers, ideal for the maintenance of green areas and the collection of branches and pruning residue. There are various models in this machine type, the ones of most interest to commercial farms are models 170 and 200. CHIPPER 170 was designed to meet the shredding needs of medium-sized companies while CHIPPER 200 can be easily used by both farmers and vine-wine producers for cleaning land, as well as third parties and maintenance workers of public parks.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the machines in the Chipper Energy line. This line, designed for the forestry sector, has also been in high demand in recent years among commercial farms, looking to supply quality chips to the energy sector, produce biomass or prepare chips for pellet production. There are four models suited to commercial farms, namely the models 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Choosing a Gandini chipper means the certainty of having purchased a reliable and long lasting machine.

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