Chipping machines for agritourism businesses

Over the past few years, the purchase of chipping machines or chipping units by agritourism businesses has multiplied. These businesses aim to increase their revenue by producing quality chips, perfectly calibrated and homogeneous, to use as biomass or fuel to heat the facility or resell to third parties.

Very often the agritourism businesses in question are the owners of large vineyards or olive groves and have a lot of wooden material to dispose of. These waste materials from pruning can instead become chips or small chips or microchips or pellets, for use in heating systems: in fact, these systems use shredded wood precisely from the recovery of agricultural waste.

For agritourism businesses, choosing to heat with a biomass power plant has the advantage of not only immediate savings on heating costs, but also added protection of the environment. The raw material, in fact, is easily obtained from the normal annual maintenance of green areas at the agritourism and the pruning of trees.

Gandini Meccanica has proved itself to be the perfect match for agritourism businesses. In fact, very often, the agritourism owners know little about the subject and turn to the company from Mantua, not just to buy chipping machines, but also to obtain valuable advice on the right model to choose. There are, in fact, numerous chipper models. Before recommending the right model, Gandini Meccanica learns about the real needs of the agritourism business, the intended use of the chipper, the quantity and type of agricultural waste to be chipped.

Chipping machines from the Chipper Energy line are specially recommended for businesses in this sector. This line of drum chippers, designed for the forestry sector, has also been very much in demand in recent years in the agritourism sector, to obtain quality wood chips for use as biomass and for pellet production. In particular, there are two models suitable for agritourism businesses, models 20 and 30.

With over fifty years of experience in the production of chipping machines, Gandini Meccanica is today an irreplaceable technical partner for all agritourism businesses.

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