Ente Forestale Sardinia


To the Ente Forestale of Sardinia Gandini Meccanica for many years provides forestry chippers institution operated by the tractor, self-powered, with loading crane and took care of a large supply (over 30-40 units) models chipper CHIPPER 09 in the version Tps, arranged to be applied to the hydraulic lift of a tractor type from which is driven via the drive shaft supplied. The Forestry Agency of Sardinia is an entity that operates a public management program for agro-forestry-pastoraliche Region of Sardinia and is involved in the development and exploitation of forests and wildlife of the region, and their creation and dissemination of a culture that covers natural values, its historical and cultural Sardinia. In this way, the forest becomes a resource that can ensure the maintenance of rural living and dynamic, developing the economy and enhancing its specific resources.

  • Chipper CHIPPER 09 (Tps)
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