Line of professional chippers equipped with special devices in order to maximize the reliability and duration over time.

Only after being designed by the most advanced technology, manufactured under stringent guidelines and individually tested is each Gandini machine ready to be your machine. Gandini Meccanica offers different models of chipping machines powered by tractor or by an own engine.

The main component of this wood chipper machines is the chipping disc that after having been processed is equalized with sophisticated computerized equipments. The Nostress electronic device fitted to the different models of the Chipper line is fully adjustable and in relationship to the revolutions of the chipping disc regulates automatically by an electronic valve the in-feed of the material. Located inside an anti-vibration box is equipped with an hour-meter recording the operation time of the machine.

The hydraulic system has been designed in the minimum details and manufactured with high quality components, oversized pipes and with a special electro-valves group, all this to assure the max. reliability and long life during the time. All the machines are equipped with a quick system for blades removal and replacement which reduces maintenance time and eventual assembly mistakes.

  • Chipper CHIPPER 170 (Tps)
  • Wood Chipper 150 (Mts)
  • Chipper machine CHIPPER 09 (Tps)
  • Blade chipping disc while cutting a tree trunk