Line of machines designed for grinding of vegetable waste. Maximum efficiency and minimum noise work.

The Biomatich line includes shredders with hammers and offers a wide range of four models, suitable for the shredding of green wastes of different types at big composting centers or at ecological plants or at private enterprises. The use of these professional shredders allows the volume reduction with very low processing times. The main characteristic of these Gandini shredders is the shredding system by heavy hammers with special self-sharpening profile of the drop forged hammers which allow a min. of 800 hours of maintenance free shredding. The electronic device CTP fitted optional to the different versions of this shredders line is fully programmable and in function of the revs. speed of the rotor adjusts automatically the feed of the wood by an electro valve. This device is placed inside an anti vibration-box and it is coupled to an hours meter (in optional) to record the operation time of the machine. On all the models of the Biomatich line the oleo-dynamic operations control s are fully electrical to assure a more and a general safety. Thanks to a continuous research, aiming at assuring the better comfort for the operator and together with a total respect for the environment, Gandini Meccanica has reduced considerably the noise level of its machines.

  • Shredder Biomatich 81 (TPS)
  • Shredder BIOMATICH 85 (MPS)
  • Shredder BIOMATICH 89 (Mts)
  • Shredder BT 91 MTS
  • Shredder hammer BT 91 MTS