Innovative line of work centers for firewood, characterized by high productivity and maximum safety.

The Forest Cut line is the line for working centers for fire wood, designed and manufactured from Gandini Meccanica. Safety, powerful and very productive, the Forest Cut is a working center for fire wood, that thanks to the innovative solutions adopted, assures a very high productivity. All the operations carried out in these machines are hydraulic and electronically controlled either as concerns the operation or as concerns the safety.

The powerful split piston has a variable speed, that can be modified automatically in function of the split effort. The power absorption is very low thanks to the cutting system by chain. The lubrication/greasing of the saw-chain is fully automatic. The machine is very safety due to the protections of the rotating components, which are electronically controlled. The Forest Cut line is available in two models that are different for the cutting performances and for the productivity.

  • Forestcut 45 - Tape of entry
  • Forestcut 48 - automated cutting system
  • Forestcut 48 - Dashboard
  • Forestcut 48 - Applied on tractor